Bitcoin Blender

    Why Tor?
    Bitcoin Blender is hosted on the Tor network, meaning you cannot access the service using a regular internet browser. We do this because it protects your anonymity - when you access Bitcoin Blender via Tor, nobody can see that you have visited our website - we don't even know who visits our website!

    How to Download Tor
    It is very easy to download and run Tor. Simply visit the following link, and select the type of device you're using - Windows, Mac, Linux or Smartphone:

    Once done, you can access Bitcoin Blender by entering the following URL into your Tor browser: http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion

    What Is Tor?
    The Tor network is a network of servers, each operated by volunteers, which allows users to anonymously browse the internet by encrypting and bouncing their requests through multiple relays. As well as making your regular internet browsing anonymous, it allows you to access hidden services that are hosted on the Tor network itself.
    Tor is used by thousands of people. For example, it is used in censorship-heavy countries by people who wish to access blocked websites. It is also used by whistle blowers, journalists and other people to whom anonymity is important.

    You can learn more about Tor and how it works here:

    Please Note: This website is for information purposes only, and is not connected to Bitcoin Blender's Tor Hidden Service in any way. Both domain name and hosting purchased anonymously and separate from where the Tor Hidden service is hosted. Attempts to gain access to this server will only net you the information you can already see - no Bitcoin is stored on this server.