Bitcoin Blender

    If you're looking for Bitcoin Blender reviews, here are some places to get you started

    Deep Dot Web
    A guide and several comments have been posted to the leading Darknet news coverage website "Deep Dot Web", which you can visit here: or http://deepdot35wvmeyd5.onion/2016/10/31/use-bitcoin-mixer-bitblender/

    "A great and fast mixer hidden service"
    --- Kayaman, May 25th 2014

    Bitcoin Talk
    There are plenty of people discussing Bitcoin Blender over on the leading Bitcoin discussion forum, Bitcoin Talk. Here is a link to the original thread posted by the owner of Bitcoin Blender, which contains plenty of feedback from happy customers:

    "I've been using bitblender for at least a year now. Never had any issues, great service :-)"
    --- EternalGloom, Hero Member, August 28th 2015

    The Hub
    Bitcoin Blender often comes up in discussion on the leading independent darknet market discussion forum, The Hub. The Hub is a hidden service, just like Bitcoin Blender, meaning you can only access it via the Tor network. If you have already downloaded the Tor Browser Bundle, you can visit The Hub at the following URL: http://thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/

    "I've had some great luck with Bitcoin Blender. Works very fast."
    --- PillfirePharmacy, Hero Contributor & Vendor, March 10th 2014

    Over on the /r/darknetmarkets subreddit, there are also people talking about Bitcoin Blender. You can visit the subreddit here:

    "Used it. Successfully ferried bitcoins around."
    --- /u/questionsondrugs, March 17th 2014

    Please Note: This website is for information purposes only, and is not connected to Bitcoin Blender's Tor Hidden Service in any way. Both domain name and hosting purchased anonymously and separate from where the Tor Hidden service is hosted. Attempts to gain access to this server will only net you the information you can already see - no Bitcoin is stored on this server.