Bitcoin Blender

    About Bitcoin Blender

    Bitcoin Blender was launched in 2014, by an anonymous Bitcoin enthusiast and software developer who felt that Bitcoin users should have the option of an extra layer of anonymity when using cryptocurrency. How is it right that anybody in the world could, potentially, gain full and unrestricted access to see what another person is spending their money on?

    The service was created with simplicity and efficiency in mind - users simply deposit their old coins, and exchange them for new. No personal details, no "paper trail", and absolutely no connection to your old transaction history.

    Please Note: This website is for information purposes only, and is not connected to Bitcoin Blender's Tor Hidden Service in any way. Both domain name and hosting purchased anonymously and separate from where the Tor Hidden service is hosted. Attempts to gain access to this server will only net you the information you can already see - no Bitcoin is stored on this server.